A new legend begins, meet Detroit Mariachi Punk band Pancho Villas Skull

How did you guys get together? We are brothers so we have been around each other playing music separately forever. Tino (guitar/vox) had started this project as a way to connect back to our Mexican heritage. Rolando always did a lot of behind the scenes work for the band. In 2016 he joined the band as a full time member playing percussion and contributing extra vocals.
What’s the meaning behind your band/stage name? There’s is a whole legend surrounding Pancho Villa’s Skull. When Tino was reading up on it he read “Pancho Villa’s Skull was stolen.” and thought that would make a great name for a band. A short while later he started this project.

Who are some of your Influences? We are inspired by a lot but Gogol Bordello and The Pogues really helped inspire the merge between our cultural music and punk rock. We are also inspired a lot by The Clash, The Ramones, Manu Chao, Lila Down, Las Cafeteras, Stella Donnelly. We also listen to a lot of hip-hop artist like Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Propaganda, and Derick Minor.
What do you think of your area’s POC Rock scene? I’m happy that in Detroit the number of artists of color seems to be on the rise. Of course in our are we have a rich history of music but it seemed like up until a few years ago artists of color weren’t represented in our local scene. I’m glad to see that changing and I think publications like this are helping a lot of artists of color get to know of each other’s music and it’s really helpful. In Michigan we also have Cosmic Slop Fest an intentionally diverse fest featuring black and brown artists playing sonically a wide array of music.

What are some of your favorite venues to play in your hometown? We love playing the new places in our hometown of Pontiac like Alleycat Cafe and Exferimentation but also really like the Trumbullplex and Sanctuary Detroit.
What brands of equipment do you prefer to use? We use an Ibanez Guitar and a Pearl Drum but aren’t necessarily married to any particular brand. Whatever sounds best is the best equipment to use.

Come see us tonight in Grand Rapids @ 741 with Maggie May, Carmel Liburdi and EPCYA!

Posted by Pancho Villa's Skull on Saturday, February 2, 2019

What’s your favorite song to perform? Tino: A Las Calles
Rolando: El Camino
Who are some of your favorite local artists? EPCYA, Cabildo, Jahshua Smith, James Gardin, A History of Accidents, True Blue, Deekah Roxolydian, TURNT, Jakkd and so many more. Some bands we met on tour like The Loneliers, Michael Turnini, Bernie Tamayo Liz Tina and La Chapuza are all great growing artists in their own regions.
What advice would you have for new and up and coming local bands? Stick to your guns. Play songs that make you feel something. Try to do it yourself first with your group of friends before trying to work with a label. Most things in this path you can do yourself, you just have to be willing to put the work in.