17 Duos You Need to Listen to This 2022

These dope ass bands all crushed 2021! They’re all living proof that a 2 piece band can sound as full as a 5 piece. We’re super excited to say that they’ll all be releasing new music for you to enjoy in 2022! Make sure to follow and support your favorites! You can listen to our Duos of 2021 playlist here and below!

Nova Twins

-alternative, punk, rap rock


– alternative, hard rock


– grunge, alternative

Pancho villas Skull

– acoustic, mariachi, folk


– post punk, darkwave


– punk

The Human Missle Crisis

– noise rock, math rock

Dea & Saint

– hip-hop rock, experimental

The Veldt

– soul rock, psychedelic, experimental

Thee Black Pearl

– indie rock

Lonely Horse

– indie rock, blues rock


– indie rock

Fuck Money

– industrial, experimental, noise

Divide and Dissolve

– doom, drone, soundscape

The Black Tones

– rock & roll, garage rock, blues rock

Trigger Discipline

– post punk, goth, shoegaze

Dead Cassettes

– new wave, alternative dance, post punk