10 Cosplayers of Color you should look out for in 2019

As 2018 draws to a close we’re kicking back with a few beers and remembering many of the cosplayers of color who we’ve featured, followed or  stanned. It’s been a great year and we couldn’t end it without letting you all know of some dope cosplayers to follow in 2019! This will be the first of many lists this month, so stayed tuned!

10. Nekoyasha

Photo by: @robert.tate.photography

To say we were hella excited for Nekoyasha’s cosplay of Beerus would be an understatement. It’s not only because most of our team has been watching DBZ since Dragon Ball, but because of the time that went into the cosplay, the amazing makeup, and the choice for this shot! It looks straight out of the DBS tournament. You can follow this amazing Ohio based cosplayer on Instagram at @nekoyasha09

9. Zero Suit Sami

Zero Suit Sami is a crazy dope cosplayer and gamer with an insane amount of cosplays under her belt! She cosplayed characters like Bowser, Xena, Velma, Trunks. Android 18, Mary Jane and more! We are sure she’s gonna bring more amazing cosplay work in 2019, and you would be insane(and eventually regretful) not to follow her adventures! Follow her on IG at @zerosuitsami

8. Cin’ Von Quinzel

Photo by:  Insomniac’s Dream Productions

If you keep track of the cosplay community online there is a big chance you’ve caught one of Cin’ Von Quinzel’s amazing shots. Our first time seeing her work online was her Saiyan cosplay, and we’ve been hooked ever since. She’s done many amazing cosplays including Mario, Thanos, Brainiac, Leia and of course the dope ass Hela you see here! Follow her on Instagram at @cin_von_quinzel to see her adventures in 2019!

7. Kozmo-Kai

Trinidad based cosplayer Kozmo Kai is by far one of the best cosplayers we’ve seen. He has a sharp attention to detail, and even does the graphic design work(which is pretty fucking amazing) for all of his shots! The first cosplay we saw of his was his Gender Bender Mystique cosplay, and we implore you to check it out! You can follow him on IG at @kozmokaiofficial

6. The Usual Rangers

The Usual Rangers V are a dope ass team of cosplayers that literally kick ass and take name where ever they go! Make sure to check out their Power Ranger cosplays as well as their Black Panther cosplays! Follow them on IG at @usualrangers5

5. Afroqween Cosplay

Photo By: Alex+Diana Photography

Afroqween’s cosplays are always on point, and feature her own unique style and take on the character. She’s one of the only cosplayers we’ve featured twice after completely falling in love with her Cammy and Steven Universe(Lion) cosplays. We’re so excited to see her work in 2019, and should be too! Follow her at @afroqween_cosplay

4. Keith Kelley Cosplay

Photo by: @worldofgwendana

Everyone’s favorite HellBoy! We’ve been hooked on Keith Kelley since our very first cosplay edition of PUNK BLACK were we featured his Borderlands cosplay on the flyer for the event. We’ve been following him ever since and we look forward to seeing more of his cosplays in 2019. Follow him at @faceable

3. Jenevieve Devereaux Cosplay

Photo by: photographybyamiee.com

We found Jenevieve Devereaux Cosplay pretty recently, and we are so glad that we did! Her pictures are stunning and fun, and she cosplays a variety of characters including characters from Voltron, My Hero Academia, Seven Deadly Sins and more! Make sure to follow her on IG at @Jenevieve DevereauxCosplay

2. Knightmage

We’re not gonna lie, we still get goosebumps seeing Knightmage’s cosplays! With an accuracy level of 9000 Knightmage not only creates amazing cosplays from scratch, he brings his fans shots of their favorite characters in style. Our first time working with Knightmage was when we featured his Afro Samurai cosplay(which you should definitely peep!) on one of our event flyers, and we’ve been following him ever since! Do yourself a favor and follow on IG at @knightmage1 to keep up with his cosplays of 2019!

1. CutiePieSensei

Photo by: @mr_e_anywhere

There aren’t many people in the cosplay scene who haven’t heard of the talents of CutiePieSensei. She’s proved time and time a gain that she is a huge force to reckon with and brings her fans creative cosplays with kick ass style and a professional look. We’ve been following her for quite sometime now, and it’s no wonder being this Kill La Kill x Sailor Moon crossover was the first we’d seen of her. Follow her on IG at @CutiePieSensei, and make sure to keep an eye out for her work in 2019!

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