10 Albums from Bands of Color that you will need in 2020

2020 is approaching at Mach 3 speeds and if you’re thinking to yourself “I’m gonna kick 2020’s ass(in a good way)”, not only are you completely fucking right, you’re also not alone. We’re gearing up to kick names and take ass(Infinity War) next year and we’re definitely gonna need a soundtrack to do it. These 10 albums have made their way to our 2020 OST and we think that there is a 100% probability that some of them will make their way to yours as well! Take a look at these amazing albums from Bands of Color, and follow the ones you love!

Our voices will soar forever 
San Antonio, TX
Punk / Hardcore

The 1865
Don't Tred On We
Brooklyn, NY

The Muslims 
Mayo Supreme
Raleigh, NC 

Soul Glo 
The Nigga In Me Is Me
Philadelphia, PA
Hardcore /Noise

Blacker Face 
Distinctive Juju
Chicago, IL
Punk / Math Rock / Soul

No Strange Cats...P.A.W
Joseph, Missouri
Punk / Garage Rock

The Black Tones 
Cobain & Cornbread
Psychedelic / Garage Rock
Seattle, WA

Sunny Gang
American Carnage
Newark, NJ
Punk / Hip-Hop

Lesibu Grand 
The Legend of Miranda
Alternative Rock
Atlanta, GA

St.Petersburg, FL 
Punk / Garage Rock